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With a belief to bridge the gap between academics & industrial sector, Corp. H. spawned its educational wing; Corp. H. Educational Services. to introduce specialized Industrial & Academic Courses in Computer Science & Engineering.
Our courses range from various skill development programmes to coaching in advanced Computer Science courses. The primary & notable of all being coaching for UGC - NET / JRF / SLET & AICTE - GATE (Computer Science), Certification Courses: {Cyber Crime & Forensics Expert (CCFE), Certified Information Security Associate (CISA), Certified Information Security Expert (CISE), Certified Information Security Professional (CISP) }, Skill Development: { Print Media Operations Expert (PMOE)}

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Get registered & study under the shade of Corp. H. and leading Industry experts.

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Learn from every moment you spend in our environment. Collaborate with fellow students, discuss with instructors.

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Learn Do's and Dont's to top in the competitive exams & your desired Industry.

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    “We believe in ourselves and thus assure students FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you find the quality lacking”

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    “An anonymous online collaboration environment shall be set-up to make it easier for students to collaborate & discuss from the comfort of home”

    Huzaib Shafi - Corp. H.

Who will teach me?

We at Corp. H. believe in Quality Education and strive hard to promote Computer Science & Technology in the valley of J&K.

The faculty dedicated for coaching the students of UGC - NET / JRF / SLET, AICTE - GATE will have a multiple of the following certifications. MCA, M.Tech., UGC-NET, JRF, GATE, PhD. and associated experience in training.
The faculty for other courses will be experts in Industrial Sector of the concerned subjects with appropriate experience in training as well.


Our Courses


Ethical Hacking

Be a certified professional in Ethical Hacking, understand all the major subjects & tools used by Hackers & I.T. Security Professionals from all over the world.
Be a
Certified Information Security Associate (CISA)
Certified Information Security Expert (CISE)
Certified Information Security Professional (CISP)

Hacking Web Servers to DOS Attacks, System Hacking to Social Engineering
--------------------------------You'll know it all!----------------------------


Academic Coaching

Stand out in the crowd of thousands to achieve your goal of being M. Tech., PhD., or Lecturer.
Qualify UGC - NET / JRF / SLET, AICTE - GATE to earn eligibility for being a Lecturer or Research Fellow or M. Tech. in Computer Sc., with proper guidance from those who have stood out & achieved their goals.
From basic Computer Science to Advanced Subjects, From Networking to Applied Mathematics, We'll cover it all!

With complete choice to choose from subjects


Cyber Crime & Forensics Expert

With the advent of technology & security, the threat to Information is still increasing exponentially. Ethical Hackers prevent & secure the networks & information systems of organisations. But Cyber Crime & Forensics Experts (CCFE) have the advanced skills of Data Recovery & creating digital evidence (aka Cyber Forensics), trace hackers & more..
A course for those, who want to pursue career as Cyber Police or a Hacker for Cyber Police.

Get Hands on all of them!


Industrial Courses

Be a skilled personnel in programming & various technologies to stand out among the crowd of Job seekers.
Our specialized Job Oriented certifications focus on skill development & improvement precisely as needed for the industry.
Be programmers in Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development etc
Or be designers & operators in Print Media by having our Print Media Operations Expert (PMOE) certification.

We give 100% Job Placement Assistance Assurance

Course Overview Table

Ethical Hacking

  • Facebook Hacking
  • System Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Buffer Overflow Attacks
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Trojans & Sniffers
  • Session Hijacking
  • Hacking Web Servers
and much more..

Cyber Crime & Forensics Expert

  • Tracing Social Network Cyber Criminals
  • Tracking Financial Frauds
  • Tracking Sensitive Messages (like anti-defence emails)
  • Tracing Behind-Proxy Criminals in above cases
  • Advanced Data Recovery
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Additive: Tracing back DOS Attacks
  • Understanding logged Information at servers & ISPs
and much more..

Advanced Academic Coaching

  • Basics of Computer Science Subjects
  • Programming & Data Structures
  • Operating System & Systems Programming
  • Theoretical Computer Science & Mathematics
  • Advanced Networking & Applied Science
  • Software Engineering & Testing
  • Optional Mathematical Subjects
  • A subject from Electives
and much more..
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Corporate Head: Sadaf Complex, General Bus Stand, Anantnag 192101 J&K - +91-9018822554
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